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  1. We’ll start with a little of the old in-and-out (is that a “A Clockwork Orange” quote)?
  2. On a lighter note, I know people for whom that flowchart would be helpful (as they add worry and dither between decision and action).
  3. The GOP budget gambit.
  4. More here.
  5. Graphing autocracy.
  6. The desire to purge.
  7. Nine dead. I think Mr Taranto nailed the description for that pastor … putting him in the place of the women who eggs on the fight between her suitors. 
  8. Rock and the map.
  9. I don’t subscribe to the NYTimes, how did that play out then?
  10. Three scandals, the third of course is the asymmetry in coverage.
  11. A campaign begun … I think a 10-20% tax on campaign spending might be interesting, no? 
  12. Concealed carry? After looking at this I googled for some statistics on crime and CC. I found what appeared to be a neutral academic study which found no effect on crime, which seems to me a strong reason to support it, if there is no effect why prohibit?
  13. News from the Fed.

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