Good morning.

  1. Mr Wilders speaks.
  2. And … is this the Sharia that the liberals defend in Tennessee?
  3. Approving of a new word.
  4. Tax exempt. Which brought a thought to my mind. Why tax exempt campaigns at all. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful tax income base?
  5. Gigapixles are fun.
  6. Our solipsistic President. I think he must be delusional to say that we’ve been open to new offshore drilling with a straight face.
  7. Dante continues down (on a bike).
  8. On Libya and Mr Obama’s narrative.
  9. I’m confused by the use of the word “secret” in that headline. Seeing that it’s announced in a headline and all.
  10. I’m guessing “Ivy-bound” is no longer an appropriate adjective.
  11. Hate speech examined.

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