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  1. Just to be clear here, the Julian Calendar (of which the Gregorian was a reform) also has a leap day today. The difference is in what occurs not on years divisible by 4 but by 100 and 400.
  2. The death of the “get other people to pay for my stuff” state.
  3. The whole “why we should” misses out on mentioning the bad stuff that will happen if we don’t. More arable land higher crop yields, oooh, that’s all really really bad, eh?
  4. Our oil based economy.
  5. Oh please, there’s a long standing tradition for Presidents to see failure to be re-elected as a national emergency of the highest order.
  6. Insanity in medicine?
  7. Walking for exercise put to good use.
  8. So, “not a campaign speech” is that a lie or not?
  9. Economics and the election in a nutshell.

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