1. Advice for prayer.
  2. The seen and unseen.
  3. Fiscal policy in a nutshell.
  4. I hadn’t parsed this quote … but prompted to take a second look, why didn’t his head explode (or at least the audience break into laughter).
  5. Labor relations nominee.
  6. Well, at least somebody still has a fine sense of humor. I wonder what search terms find stuff like that.
  7. Cap and trade … one of those broken campaign promises (that would be not raising taxes on the middle and lower classes)?
  8. Speaking of taxes “fighting for jobs” by forcing companies out? Don’t worry, “blame corporate greed” will resurface soon.
  9. The elder and the pornographer.
  10. The left wing points to democrat intransigence on the healthcare matter.
  11. AIG bailout broke laws?
  12. A question on economic policy.

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