Good morning.

  1. Ooh, more cost estimates of Obamacare.
  2. A clearly offensive mural,  Huh?
  3. A radical(?) global economic strategy suggested for America, don’t change the game-plan.
  4. Five meanings of judicial activism defined, two are touted as useful three as not. Which one do you think the President was referring to in his speech? #5?
  5. An ugly side of the world we have made.
  6. Hiring practices and Mr Obama.
  7. An artist died … Another post on that event noted that Mr Kinkade worked with animator Ralph Bakshi on some projects. I found that tidbit interesting.
  8. For your country … is that enough?
  9. What does “trademarked” mean in this context, legally speaking?
  10. A “new” Bubba? Who was the old one, Bubba Smith?
  11. Is that for Pascha/Easter or Palm Sunday I wonder?
  12. Duty, honor and disaster … some statistics.
  13. A primary rhetorical (fallacy) utilized so often on the left, the omnipresent ad hominem.
  14. On Obama’s use of the term “social darwinism.” Let’s see the left defend that one.

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