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  1. The kid picked last in sports considers athletics in the context of the Olympics.
  2. Praise of the engineer.
  3. What I call “lies” apparently is just post-modernism writ large.
  4. Conservatism and civic pluralism … a tension to resolve? My solution is empowering the local community to be different, with the caveat that the door remain unlocked.
  5. What faith isn’t … the “ability not to panic” might derive from Dostoevsky/Zizoulas’ notions of ontological freedom which in turn connects to faith. So is the sign wrong or right?
  6. Short answer, yes.
  7. The modern state.
  8. book recommended.
  9. Here’s another.
  10. So, you wanna run?
  11. Deadlines and Afghanistan.
  12. 20% unemployment in a region with jobs aplenty.
  13. Paris and the Romany.
  14. Maximum pessimum.
  15. What’s missing is a digression into what single-action, double-action and the recoil driven double->single feature of the semi-automatic all mean. It’s not that complicated. A double action revolver means the pulling of the trigger cocks the hammer and then releases it. This takes significant force, which lead to the double action revolver, in which cocking the hammer was separated, and pulling the trigger only released the sear (which takes far less force). A semi-automatic is just a double action pistol in which the recoil (after the first shot) cocks the hammer for the next shot.
  16. Hmm, that hits a little close to home.
  17. Chick-fil-A and charity … the largest chunk … toward a marriage counseling charity. Gosh, how outrageous.
  18. Unanticipated consequences.

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