1. Mr Borlaugh … climate sceptic?
  2. The Dems pull the race card … yawn. A reply here.
  3. Truth to power?
  4. You are a cyclist if …
  5. The big five.
  6. How many at the tea party … getting closer to real numbers, which I might add might also be a weather vane for the bias of your sources. When the MSM calls identical crowds between 1.5 to 5 million when they are for Mr Obama’s inauguration and as low as 30-60k for a tea party … bias seems the only plausible explanation.
  7. A van, not unrelated.
  8. I guess if you say, he lied, that would be racist (or true).
  9. Ethics and the Old Testament.
  10. The tire tariff, political pandering? More here.
  11. Ms McArdle rebuts Mr Sullivan.
  12. Lasers explained.
  13. I think this is a very important point made about American healthcare spending.
  14. Why is that an either or question? (the original article is here)
  15. The Tueller drill.
  16. A book recommended. Looks very good to me.
  17. Wow. That is very cool.

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