1. Of Flight 103.
  2. Stealth training.
  3. In group bias and the administration..
  4. Ms McArdle considers the (unlikely?) 2nd gunman hypothesis.
  5. I think John Climacus ~30 step program more likely to have a salutary effect.
  6. Finishing he bill … and finding a para-military healthcore at the end.
  7. US special ops elsewhere, i.e. not Iraq or Afghanistan and the GWOT, which has some sort of new name but I don’t know what that is this week.
  8. An opinion that life imitates art regarding Obamacare.
  9. Noting Iran.
  10. A List: 10 Myths believed the first time heard.
  11. Fact checking the so-called abortion myth and the healthcare bill.
  12. Some comic relief.
  13. Gay in Armenia.
  14. Well, I certainly learned about it early on … but then again a lot of WWII history I learned from Avalon Hill doing strategic war gaming as a kid (Third Reich and ASL come to mind).

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