Good morning.

  1. So, how do you think the nomination will look after mid-terms when he gets ousted in 6 months.
  2. Hmm, Riefenstahl-in-a-fat-suit?
  3. Of logic and stimulus and another response to the same here as well.
  4. In a hole, keep digging.
  5. Verse on oppression.

  6. Stupidity abounds.
  7. Now I don’t think that helps at all.
  8. By the lights of Mr Obama’s argument for voting against Mssrs Alito and Roberts, this has no rejoinder.
  9. An interesting word, that.
  10. So, for the last 3 months, it’s been doing … what?
  11. An insufficient reason for art noted.
  12. Blogs and activism … in Serbia.
  13. One famous mutiny and one Bible.

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