Good morning.

  1. Mad men and the police procedural.
  2. A counter to the “end bonuses” notion.
  3. Education as ritual.
  4. Climate and a paper on the same, examined in some detail.
  5. What? No ASL? No Third Reich? Shocking?
  6. Until they run out of Joe.
  7. Book titles doing more than announcing the contents.
  8. Evil, not just banal. I wonder if the Penn State kerfuffle has a connection.
  9. Crying for Argentina.
  10. Never work. Seems to me most guys think there are about 8 colors with names like red, green, blue, and purple. For example, fuschia is a plant, not a color and the putative color given that name is just purple. At the gym a few weeks ago, I had an outraged daughter scandalized by my calling some stretching pads “black” and “lighter black”.
  11. Dreaming a little dream.
  12. Two generations at one posting.
  13. Cinema.
  14. Mr Jobs and the elephant in the Apple fandom’s closet.
  15. Reforming higher ed, some thoughts.

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