1. The missile move as an economy of force, i.e., just a shift to the East. And from the same author, danger lurks.
  2. On Honduras. I have to say, I’ve seen nothing at all on this matter from the left. Is their silence a sign of ignorance or discomfort?
  3. The internet and dissent.
  4. The locals might not be stupid. But … this might highlight a problem (follow the aarrg link).
  5. (some) Kids today.
  6. Perhaps not unrelated … Teachers.
  7. Medicare reform on the rocks? More here.
  8. A plea to give Mr Obama some rope on Afghanistan.
  9. Of right and wrong.
  10. Well, there goes $800 billion we won’t get back and certainly will live to regret.
  11. The inventor of exercise … really.
  12. Parents are not potters, Ms Delsol suggested we are all gardeners.
  13. Imagining war.
  14. And nightlife in Kiev.
  15. Feminism considered in the context of Buffy and Jennifer.

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