Well, weekends are, uhm, busy these days. Links?

  1. Feminism flashback.
  2. The estate tax.
  3. Raich and Obamacare.
  4. A unicorn.
  5. Just dance.
  6. Cuteness.
  7. Cinema.
  8. Unemployment insurance.
  9. Saint Sabbas and his lavra.
  10. Human and enemy.
  11. The EU and state debt.
  12. Openness and Mr Assange.
  13. Eclpise on DVD? Huh? Eclipse has been a free download for years.
  14. Between the educational laws restricting my choices for my daughter and crap like this, I think the next person who talks “childhood obesity” in my presence is going to receive a free snarl. 

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