OK. I’m back in town for a bit.

  1. Ockham’s axe.
  2. The left figuring (slowly) out the big problem with Obamacare, the whole insertion of more politics into healthcare bodes well for nobody. But … I’m guess the moral to that story is lost on Mr Schraub.
  3. And to follow on the above, the problem with inserting more politics into schools.
  4. 5 (?!) figure debt? Not 6?
  5. film list. So, what’s missing?
  6. A serious question for the liberal arts educated crowd. Why is that book important?
  7. Uhm, “flatter” can mean a lot of things, a smaller (or zero) second derivative is a common meaning for the term. It doesn’t necessarily mean the first derivative is zero.
  8. A “new” family of amphibians.
  9. Party, Mr Krugman, and welfare receipt.
  10. Medical (academic?) ethics.
  11. It seems to me austerity/non-austerity of government and its impact on economy is a symptom of mistake of letting the government get way to big.
  12. Good advice for Lent.
  13. Seasons.
  14. Book surgery.

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