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  1. Yep, you need to hold your line, apparently Mr Ferrari has forgotten that elementary point.
  2. Tolerance and the much abused “Black Studies”.
  3. Mr Krugman (and others) often goes off against EU austerity. Can you spot it? I guess austerity means something besides a cut in spending.
  4. book recommended.
  5. A million years of global warming didn’t kill the dinosaurs, why fear a few tens of decades? In fact, this gives support to the climate warm = good hypothesis.
  6. Of Parliament and separation.
  7. Something, I gather, the pro-choice movement has nothing bad to say about.
  8. A tree falls in the forest, see no noise.
  9. One view on gay marriage.
  10. Checking some results. What do you think the outcome will be?
  11. Equine domestication and the Cossack.
  12. He “got a few things right” (Mr Obama that is) … starts as damning with faint praise and goes downhill fast when the fact checking begins. Perhaps the article “a”, was unnecessary.

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