Good morning.

  1. Women and combat … testosterone matters.
  2. On aggression.
  3. Wonder why the White House is equipping IRS SWAT teams? What for? What’s coming down the pike?
  4. Maybe they figure the piper will have to pay when people figure out the song and dance they’ve been given is untrue?
  5. Advice for the married(s).
  6. On Caucasian stereotypes.
  7. Flashmob.
  8. I’m in the first 45%.
  9. thought experiment.
  10. Timor.
  11. Movements in American Orthodoxy.
  12. This raises, indirectly, an interesting question. Stimulus advocates argue that it doesn’t matter what the stimulus gets spent on, just so the money gets moved. That necessarily would include “not raising taxes on the rich?” Oops.
  13. Bonhoeffer.

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