Good morning. Interrogative day at link central. 😀

  1. Money lost, is that stimulatory?
  2. Liberation or conquest?
  3. Zoom or huff-puff?
  4. How to control costs in healthcare?
  5. Who didn’t expect this? After all while there is consensus that spending should be cut there hasn’t been any consensus on what to cut. It’s why the Left’s “plan”, raising taxes is more feasible (even though raising taxes as a method of addressing deficits doesn’t actually work) is what will likely win. There’s no consensus required to just tax more. To bad the easy solution is the one that doesn’t work in this case.
  6. Why oh why will the anthropogenic climate people not read stuff like this? I would call attention to the study of weather data for the last 140 years … noting “So we were surprised that none of the three major indices of climate variability that we used show a trend of increased circulation going back to 1871.” You know the recent (Krugman!) notes about increased storms and droughts. All confirmation bias. Ooops.
  7. Is this a statement that the Palin haters would get on board with?
  8. Is this not exactly to the point?
  9. So what eactly is solertia and eustochia?
  10. Is this a sign of our decline?
  11. How to find a path between progress and history?
  12. Abortion is here. How about that back alley?
  13. Speaking of abortion, is this useful? At least he’s not bringing up the regrettable Violinist thang.

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