1. Left and right reactions to 47% compared. Quite the contrast.
  2. Justice and our reactions to events in the Middle East.
  3. More on the same.
  4. And our administration’s reaction … so … do you think this will encourage or discourage further uprisings and atrocities?
  5. Sealed!
  6. I’d never heard of Fabianism. Had you?
  7. So … will this ruffle Amsterdam?
  8. Employment and personal habits.
  9. As my youngest begins learning to drive … a drivers ed of a different sort.
  10. The Ryan syndrome.
  11. Who is to protect? Hmm, I thought history and Magdeburg was the answer. From this book (and oddly enough I didn’t verify it’s correctness) I learned that after the tragedy at Magdeburg modern diplomacy was born … in part because the conflict was so horrible and that it was realized if only people had talked a bit, they’d have learned they weren’t actually on different sides. Yet … do we even need diplomats to be physically on site any more in the information age?
  12. As life imitates … Spirited Away?
  13. Banks without seat belts.
  14. Plagarism.

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