Good morning. Well, fortunately the hotel wifi is up to snuff.

  1. A political “heh”.
  2. Water water everywhere. And not enough human industry and too too much salt.
  3. Of women, rights, and stupid faux vaginas. Touche.
  4. Power and a girl (in a speaking of which sort of way).
  5. Abortion and the campaign.
  6. And nobody spent any effort refereeing it, obviously.
  7. Paternalism comes to bio-ethics and economics.
  8. Three on Benghazi from the shadow folk, onetwothree.
  9. The other way to win a bike race.
  10. Apparently single mothers in Black urban communities are rare. Or not.
  11. ’cause the media is unbiased. Riiight.
  12. Who needs security anyhow.
  13. Let’s end with some zoooom.

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