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  1. Some SSM thoughts from First Things.
  2. Zoning laws meet the green movement.
  3. Bad arguments meets hypocrisy. Let’s see “background checks” … would not have stopped any of the recent events but are necessary and … “didn’t read the bill” was exactly the Pelosi statement regarding AFA which at the time was just fine. Wonder when he’ll cite the Democrat representative who didn’t realized magazines used in pistols were reusable when citing ignorance.
  4. Just remember, background checks would (not have) fixed this either.
  5. Remembering Thatcher from the UK(raine).
  6. Commandments and Scripture … are not deontology.
  7. The perils of education.
  8. Drones.
  9. Just remember, this is an incentive to save more, not less.
  10. Yer homework.
  11. A photographer captures the perfect image for April 15th. Your government and you, a relationship in pictures.

Well, the Gosnell kerfuffle is in the news.

  1. Dachau’s neighbors and what they knew.
  2. NAF?
  3. Bias in media. I did see an amusing turnabout on this.  One “feminist” wrote an article about this guy 2 years ago, which apparently means that the feminist press has been “all over this” since the get go. Uhm, riiight. Apparently the NYTimes employes only one feminnist writer. Who knew?
  4. More on media.


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