Good morning.

  1. Knee jerk misquote noted.
  2. 1 Liter SUV?
  3. Riffing on Talking Heads lyrics.
  4. Fresh off of various blatherations about Iowa demographics, now we have New Hampshire demographics.
  5. Not firing the little grey cells overmuch.
  6. Back when newspapers didn’t assume people were morons they could have fun with infinity.
  7. Considering the recess appointment. Although perhaps the lesson here is that the only people in the room being honest are those who don’t flip their point of view depending on who’s in power, which might explain the lack of defense for those move observed on the left, those who wish to criticize this sort of thing in the future remain silent?
  8. What would Edison say? Uhm, how about AC power is dangerous! Everyone should use DC only.
  9. So is IPAB Constitutional overreach?
  10. Some unfortunate facts about patents and patent law.
  11. What to do? Hmm, probably the same thing you’ll do going to your “Feminist Physics” or “Feminist Inorganic Chemistry” or “Feminist Number Theory” classes.
  12. For your wall.

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