Good morning.

  1. Observation that the organic natural crunchy ex-hippy/love-love-love movement is also the the one of harsh chemical aborto-facients and the very non-organic act of abortion, which doesn’t make much sense.
  2. A place for the off SCOTUS debate on healthcare.
  3. Tension and the racket.
  4. Recession.
  5. Tacos (pizza next?) by quadra-copter drone delivery.
  6. Democrats like to complain that the GOP has no ideas … odd that, especially when you look at a non-spun list of their notions.
  7. The Zimmerman/Martin kerfuffle.
  8. Patents and software.
  9. Technology.
  10. Inequality and housing.
  11. UK continuing its trend toward … what?
  12. Honor to the fallen, one way.

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