Well, I’m back in town.

  1. Belief in Santa Claus? This is really really dumb. Do people doubt that Julius Caesar existed? Do they write articles about it? Is that something that needs defending. Wiki doesn’t doubt he exists. But apparently journalists are clueless. I suppose you could wonder about the tense “exists” vs “existed” … which depends only on your faith in the Resurrection or lack thereof. But he was a historical personage of that there is basically no doubt.
  2. Youth and passing into maturity (or not).
  3. Half a point in defense of the young boy who kissed his classmates hand. Half a point for pointing out that the act was problematic. Loss of a point (or two) for not realizing the scope of the infraction was minor at best.
  4. But the victory dance was done, the web site is fixed, mission accomplished and all that. How can that be?
  5. Privacy and law.
  6. More silly science … newsflash! People with low impulse control have … (wait for it) poor impulse control.
  7. To give the same source its due … things going bang are cool right?
  8. Verse and photo.
  9. In favor of min wage increase.
  10. Not so much in favor of same.
  11. dialog.


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