1. A suggestion for an econ primer.
  2. A rising tide.
  3. The New Martyrs.
  4. If … there are no earmarks in the “stimulus package” why is ACORN expecting dough? And what is that expected to “stimulate?” In other news … why are bridges and roads always mentioned along with the earmark, err, stimulus bill if it’s such a small part of it?
  5. Of celibacy and the early church … laity.
  6. A Sunday homily courtesy of Mr Daniels.
  7. Tweeet. Wheee … and other celebratory noises.
  8. An evangelical remembers St. Gregory.
  9. An Amen! offered.
  10. Or perhaps it’s not all about you. Mr Schraub notes … “I think institutional Christianity has long since proven that its default position is of hostility to Jews.” which of course explains perfectly the rise of Antisemitism in Europe (see #2 above) as institutional Christianity wanes.
  11. Of making oaths under false pretenses.
  12. Virtual fraud.
  13. Another Sunday homily … this from from Mr Weedon.
  14. So … remind me why this guy is exemplary?
  15. Why I ride a road bike (disturbing image … be warned).
  16. A quiet voice in a cave?
  17. The UAW and why in an economic downturn support of the unions is not in our best interest.
  18. Mr Colson roils the waters.
  19. 2010 … better or worse than today?
  20. A great cathedral noted.
  21. Or … faith groups don’t read the fine print.
  22. That change we can believe in … or not.
  23. A magazine released.
  24. Today’s economy in perspective.
  25. Obama as Palpatine?

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