1. A book recommended.
  2. Transparency or not, perhaps Mr Twain’s little saying might be amended to “lies, damned lies, statistics, and anything said by a politician”.
  3. Just a trip to the UK.
  4. Some kids living where winter doesn’t come.
  5. Well, you’ll have to pay for that … and the other.
  6. The Pope on the ladder.
  7. A heroic lady noted, Stanislawa Leszczynksa.
  8. A hill … and a bike … and another rider noted here.
  9. The difference between Mr Obama and the Dems stimulus bill and Tenaha … the size of their theft.
  10. They are.
  11. Who. Are. You.
  12. A question.
  13. Another.
  14. Mr Obama standing firm against the economy and recover and its effects. Ah. It’s all part of a super duper secret plan.
  15. Why Wednesday and Friday (and Monday for the monastics I think) for fasting?
  16. Salary caps and a comparison.
  17. Religion and nation.
  18. Some economic hypothesis tested.
  19. Yet another Democratic tax cheat close to the President.

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