1. Mr Obama the bigot? Well, yes but he’s a hopey-changey bigot and that makes all the difference, just like Mr Clinton the sexist was a sexist of the right sort so it didn’t matter.
  2. That little universe.
  3. Debates and changes of perception.
  4. The big race Sunday. Three background stories, one, two, and three. I find that of my purchased recordings of classics, the L-B-L tops the list which means by some measure it is my favorite of the classics to watch.
  5. A interesting new website noted.
  6. A film noted. Another one here.
  7. Considering public education.
  8. A new Philokalia translation? And a note “reading is not practice.” … Rats. 😉
  9. Pakistan and the Taliban.
  10. A Orthodox response to a Lutheran question.
  11. Ms Pelosi and the waterboarding issue.
  12. Dya think?
  13. That “stupid book” as an opportunity.
  14. The real villain behind WWII … and he got away with it.
  15. More innumeracy in the White House.
  16. Low-brow? Well, I guess I’ll have to blog about my symphony experiences more often.
  17. UPS and modeling faith.
  18. It’s not the thought that counts.
  19. God and the quantum universe.

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