1. Beware the battlefield tinybots.
  2. On Johnny Cash and his book on St. Paul. An interesting quote, “Tons of material has been written …, but I discovered that the Bible can shed a lot of light on commentaries.” Hmm.
  3. Sri Lanka. The left may be taking the “peace at any price be worth it” tack, the right … not so much.
  4. Harp.
  5. Charity in the workplace.
  6. Nocebo? Placebo confused. So … how to confuse the nocebo similarly will be an exercise for the reader.
  7. Cool.
  8. Freedom.
  9. Aquinas for Protestants.
  10. Not trusting Obama. For those who consider that the accusations that Mr Obama is specifically seeking personal power, when has he refused or failed to not consolidate power given opportunity?
  11. An important note on slavery in today’s’ world.
  12. Kilns and cheap energy.
  13. A cyclist to watch.
  14. Maudlin hymns.
  15. Obvious in retrospect.
  16. Abortion and a cricket race result. For those who have used the argument of public opinion as relevant in the abortion debate, does this mean anything. And if not, why did you use that argument before?

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