1. Watching the alternative health plans.
  2. A weather vane for hate speech finds hatred closer to the center left than the center right.
  3. Mr Kennedy and some cold war history.
  4. Word, meaning and the burqa.
  5. Satire and the President’s address to the children in school. Which brings a question to the left, if this was Bush what would y’all have to say about a TV address to the kids?
  6. Sexual harassment and Morocco.
  7. A Lockerbie release leak. A change to a more open and honest administration … and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.
  8. How the East thinks the West looks upon the East. So … did he nail it or not?
  9. Shades of V in state government.
  10. You don’t have to believe God loves you.
  11. A feminist philosophy reading list.
  12. Racism in Atlanta.
  13. So that’s the sooper-secret plan to curb malpractice costs. Nationalize medicine while putting in place laws immunizing government health care providers from suit.
  14. Hayek and the law.
  15. Throw the bums out. Make that a tea party platform, for the next N elections, voting for an incumbent is what not to do.

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