Good morning.

  1. In the catalogue of 20th century horror, “the” 1971 genocide is one I missed.
  2. Bloggers hoping for release (from prison).
  3. Climate change … some time ago (of course caused by early medieval industrial gases).
  4. Monetary conflict.
  5. A question (or a remark about) the left.
  6. faith and knowledge.
  7. Of democracy and the world.
  8. Looking at cricket races. That particular “race” noted here too. (for those coming late to the party, cricket race is my term for an opinion poll).
  9. The end of the (dead tree) press.
  10. Mr Chavez.
  11. Healthcare and a key question.
  12. On All Hallow’s eve.
  13. Joe Carter has a question.

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