1. Of Kazahkstan and Belorus … and Russia.
  2. Weirdness in the courts.
  3. Pro-life.
  4. This has been linked all over. Econ rap.
  5. Remarks on the “freeze.” Links here.
  6. Mr Easterly pumping what I saw as a primary thesis of Mr Collier’s Bottom Billion book, i.e., it’s complicated and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  7. A pun.
  8. Rhetorical gap and policy gap.
  9. Dostoevsky.
  10. Rock the voters … should applaud the recent SCOTUS reversing (?) finally McCain/Feingold.
  11. A prediction (last sentence) … fulfilled (on blogs at least).
  12. The man with the big ego … is afraid of kids?
  13. Predictions for the SOTU.
  14. Spending and the beltway.
  15. Our economy at work.
  16. Maths thinking (use an auto translater).
  17. Is outrage.

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