1. Some thoughts on spaces and communities in the modern world.
  2. Trying to parse Mr Obama’s notions on the Israel, Iran, and Hamas.
  3. Austrian econ.
  4. Angels &* Demons and a “worst novel” noted.
  5. An absurd op-ed noticed.
  6. Getting away with it. It occurred to me that we outside the beltway and the business of politics are always confused why politicians assume they can “get away” with blatant lies and flat denials of the obvious. I think one suggestion is that they do it because from their point of view it usually works.
  7. On marriage, the plastic mask, and the lack of good role models.
  8. On the demand driven economy.
  9. A health update from David.
  10. Spending some money, suggestions sought.
  11. A paper (linked from here).
  12. An interesting post, but it kicks off with a quote which is flatly wrong as a generalization.
  13. Heh.
  14. A criticism of “thinking globally” as an excuse.
  15. Gossip and history.
  16. Mr Greenwald excuses Ms Dowd somewhat lamely, claiming “And anyone who spends any time writing a blog, or anything else for that matters, should consider it a good thing when their work is used, with or without credit. ┬áNobody would engage in that activity in the absence of a belief that they have something worthwhile to say and a desire that it have some impact on political discussions.” Bloggers link what they quote. And to assume that there is any one generic reason common to the millions who blog is errant foolishness.

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