1. Dark thoughts (HT: Ochlophobist, the)
  2. Of ethanol and petroleum.
  3. Analyzing violence.
  4. Atheism and political ethics.
  5. Looking at an one of Mr Obama’s aids.
  6. A suggestion re the gender wage discrepancy.
  7. An answer for a question Mr Sullivan asked.
  8. Kept quiet … or not.
  9. Is he just trying to buy votes?
  10. Of weather (not climate) and economics.
  11. The point of the tattoo … missed by the media.
  12. V. Havel criticises Mr Obama’s litte compromises.
  13. “The meltdown” over Mr Limbaugh’s failed NFL bid … missing only any sort of actual meltdown. 
  14. A paper on libertarianism.
  15. The mortgage crises was so much fun … let’s line up another. And not unrelated … more bailout problems noted. Here too.
  16. Of science and the media. In the conclusion, I think this thought can be more generally applied to the media’s topical response to just about anything, “I want to know what’s going on at the frontier of research elsewhere. I don’t want to know what the crazy outliers do, I want to know what the central problems are. Give me the big picture, give me a basis. If I want to know more details, I’ll look for them.” Replace research, with politics, economics, current events, whatever.
  17. A worthwhile celebrity quote.
  18. Consider the beard (and ex-beard).

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