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  1. And meaningless jobs … don’t create happiness.
  2. Where it’s all about the team … you’ll not find citations of liberals making errors in speeches there.
  3. Weather and some predictions. Let’s see, you can’t make accurate very short term (seconds/minutes), short term (week) weather predictions, mid-term (three month) predictions. Yet the claim is that long term (decade) predictions are easy. Well, if “easy” means unverifiable you’re right. Otherwise, not so much.
  4. Yah. And he stood there in picture pose for 5 hours while it filled.
  5. Coming to a laptop/cell phone near you … in 5-10 years?
  6. Prudence.
  7. Cinema.
  8. Public unions and teaching.
  9. Speaking of unions.
  10. Words for Japan from India.
  11. Kill the fallacy.
  12. Trust.
  13. What does due processes mean, from an Constitutional perspective?
  14. A plug for courting.

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