Wooo. I’m home.

  1. Weeping because one didn’t read enough marks the serious bookworm.
  2. A question asked.
  3. Neo-Keynesian economics and inflation.
  4. “Needs more churn” sounds like a call for mass firings. So, the government shutdown is a good thing … providing they are let go not just furloughed.
  5. More churn.
  6. B/P on debt ceilings here and here.
  7. Beauty and death (HT).
  8. Scare quotes.
  9. Theology and song.
  10. On sin and repentance.
  11. Talk radio not appreciated. Who knew talking about sports sports sports 24/7 was so charged?
  12. Questioning whether said fallacy is actually fallacious.
  13. Debt.

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