Good morning. Well, my youngest daughter arrived safely after a 32 hour train ride. We’ll see how the first day goes. 

  1. A sober look at the current GOP field.
  2. A must-read book noted.
  3. What passes for medical ethics.
  4. Government hiring/firing practices.
  5. Fact, stranger than fiction. Or at least weirder.
  6. Some on the Murdoch kerfuffle. I was on vacation, if anyone knows of a unempassioned rundown of the facts of the case, leave a comment with a link. Thanks.
  7. Security taking their job (security) ahead of their humanity.
  8. Borders and the “what would you have done?” question.
  9. Talking about the borrowing limit.
  10. There has always been a strong anti-space current amongst progressives.
  11. Questioning the anti-Bachmann fervor. I had also posted a question regarding the anti-Bachmann fervor (on my blog) and got a lot of weak tea in response. 
  12. China seas and ships of war.
  13. Someone who buys into the targetted income fallacy.
  14. Conservative “porn.”
  15. One question might be why it takes 15 years for the AGW establishment to notice

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