Good morning.

  1. Talking ABB.
  2. And here, and yes, ABB was right wing (but alas for the MSM theme, not a “fundamentalist Chrstian” in any sense of the word that I’ve ever heard).
  3. More here. ‘Nuff of that, eh?
  4. That errant “atheists are more intelligent and well educated” mistake. That works when you only count as atheists the intelligent and well educated ones.
  5. Pseudo-science and regulations.
  6. Our 2002 VW Golf TDI (diesel) too got about 50mpg in our recent family road trip vacation.
  7. Sports are global.
  8. Bulb talk. (HT)
  9. Some pro-choicers might be about choice, some not so much.
  10. “Debt talks have become a dangerous game” (what goes unsaid is that he’s leading that charge).
  11. Talking about catechesis and steaming heaps of twisted metal.

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