Recently in a conversation on prop 8, it was suggested the religion of the Blacks which was why Black vote perhaps tipped prop 8 pass.

This seems an odd charge to make. Yes, time and time again we’ve heard how religion is the basis and foundation for so much anti-homosexual bigotry … but I don’t think that holds so much water. Yes, the “high atheists” do not hold fervent anti-gay positions. But … that’s not the whole of the matter. Look at two counter examples:

  1. Where did the big atheist 20th century Marxist horrors which were adamantly and ideologically atheist, such as China and the Soviet Union fall on the gay rights issues?
  2. Yes, the high atheists are not so anti-gay, but then again neither are the “high theists.” How about the six-pack or “low” atheists. What evidence do you have that they are more OK about gay rights than the bible belt/Wednesday night bingo crowd?

Try to compare apples and apples not apples and frogs.

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