Good morning.

  1. Heh.
  2. Violence and the Interwebs.
  3. More on riots.
  4. Economic indicators.
  5. States and gun laws.
  6. No apologies for what? He also, one might note, makes no apologies for streaking. Alas, nobody is accusing him of that either.
  7. A narrative from Libya.
  8. Just to buy votes … 
  9. Obamacare, now being sold as bait and switch. How is that a good thing?
  10. So, just curious. Do you get the mpg rating your car is touted to get?
  11. Midway and government economic interventions.
  12. Offender registries. Seems like a case of tried and failed … so when will they be eliminated? Likely not in our lifetime, eh?
  13. An academic exercise in a journalistic setting
  14. Kansas preacher visits the Madison political froth.

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