Link posting scheduling will be spotty. I’m in Pacific TZ + hotel connection is not the best … and doing this during down time at the job site will be catch as catch can.

  1. Who cracks first?
  2. Faces, here and here.
  3. book recommended. I was reading it on the flight (and finished the City and the City).
  4. Water water everywhere.
  5. An exterior criticism of top down policy design.
  6. Retail and tomorrow’s hack/theft opportunities.
  7. Impartiality for the judiciary?
  8. American Orthodoxy and gay rights … I haven’t listened to this yet, but in part this will serve as a reminder. What do you think?
  9. Yes. Government can create “real jobs” … the problem is incentives are hard to keep lined up with providing a good service inexpensively as well as its hard for competition to drive innovation, which is why government creating jobs like that is horrible idea.
  10. OWS as unhappy Deadheads.
  11. Build a better battery and … the world will beat a path to your door.
  12. Two books noted.

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