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  1. Some of the pictures are very funny.
  2. Is it that all government expenditures not created equal?
  3. This is interesting … apparently antisemitism is a PR problem for the Jews, nothing at all wrong with those who hold or promote those notions. It’s the Jews fault. Strange, a fellow and his family can go to church for decades and hear not almost nothing about same sex, well, anything. Wonder where these people get those notions? Perhaps its not from inside the church, but external slanders? (Replace “Christian” with “Jew” and “antihomosexual” with, well, whatever antisemites gripe about and see if you think the reaction by Mr Schraub would be place the blame on the Jews).
  4. Here is more the sort of thing you actually hear in churches.
  5. A spy and his cover. In the Bush admin the left went ballistic over the “outing” of Ms Plame … this undercover operative … do you hear the outrage? Neither do I. Perhaps the outrage was political and not about the loss of cover by leaking data to the press? Odd that.
  6. Occupy and their faux outrage against big corporations.
  7. Dark shadows, then and now and the missing monsters (or monstrous).
  8. Our moral president, always doing right by the people.
  9. Boys schools and context for the Romney bully kerfuffle.
  10. Social construction and empire.
  11. Disabilities and happiness.

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