So, d’ya have a good laborious day yesterday? Munch munch munch.

  1. Yikes.
  2. Sneeze. (yes I’m very very allergic to those)
  3. Liberal global energy policies and unintended consequences.
  4. A park to confuse the urban liberal.
  5. Some reading enjoyment in the pipeline.
  6. Well, by one name it sounds like megalomania.
  7. Some advice for the college bound.
  8. On being responsive to your constituents.
  9. I have a sneaking suspicion that the 2nd problem is not specific enough to answer … but I’ve not thought it through well enough. The problem as stated doesn’t state that the machines are identical. If for example the machines pipeline their production (machine 1’s output goes into machine 2 and so on … first off, if you start it up, machines 2-5 have idle time at the onset (unless they are pre-filled with production … which also isn’t stated). Additinonally there is no indication that the added 95 machines have the optimal “type” distribution for efficiency, as a worst case all additional machines are of type #1 and adding 95 more of them improves your rate not at all).
  10. This complaint works just as well for the open immigration crowd.
  11. Not a Democrat talking point in the wake of the GOP convention.
  12. Isaac and priority.
  13. Our national disease.
  14. Swivel plane.
  15. I’d weight the likely men to the earlier eras, TR is late … but was out and about a lot. How about not during their tenure but at their respective prime-of-life? Who then and if/how would that change your answer?

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