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  1. What do they do? Hmmm, read from the book of Nietzsche and then hear you confess you prayed when the mortar shells whined above you?
  2. Aged pig (sheep?) skin is better.
  3. OK. Follow link with empty mouth to avoid spitting on screen. Heh.
  4. Fer the gun control debate.
  5. The 11th century had the hair shirt, the 21st … has an alternative.
  6. States rights and DOMA.
  7. A bad idea noted.
  8. The aesthetics of power are apparently very different to those in power than those not.
  9. Anonymous protest illegal now in Canada.
  10. Misplaced rhetorical terms.
  11. When “blocking shot” doesn’t mean what you think it should.
  12. Left leading spokespersons need the very sensitivity training they advocate.
  13. Surrounding himself with teh stupid. What’s that say about the man doing the surrounding?
  14. When the snow dependent industries realize “cutting emissions” means “not traveling to far away places … like skiing resorts” will they pipe the same tune?
  15. So …. moving away from home?

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