Not morning, but still … got it done.

  1. I’m unclear on this strategy. In most “shutdowns” people do less. In this shutdown they actively do more work than normal. I mean seriously why do stuff like this … oh, wait.
  2. In a State with a high population of those for which it was targeted … signed up -> zero.
  3. Sex and display and pressure.
  4. Killer joke or joke killer?
  5. Something to remember the next time a Democrat bloviates about needing that access to guns is the solution. It isn’t.
  6. Standards and sticking to them.
  7. Those seven really really active effective al-Qaeda left in Afghanistan.
  8. Doublethink.
  9. Teaching and metrics.
  10. Tactics.
  11. How to do customer support.
  12. Uhm, people aren’t “rushing into” the CEO business because giving up your life for work 24/7 and jumping on a continuous work treadmill isn’t what most of us want to do.
  13. Getting well.

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