jewellJames Jewell

James Jewell is a communications professional with 27 years of experience in agency public relations and senior non-profit management. Currently, he is managing partner of Rooftop MediaWorks, a public relations agency that works with clients in the Christian and non-profit sectors. Before beginning Rooftop MediaWorks, he served as vice president of a major public relations agency serving the faith-based community, and as a senior vice-president and public relations leader for three respected nonprofit organizations-World Vision, Prison Fellowship, and The Trinity Forum.

James has also provided public relations direction for dozens of client organizations. He was the chief-of-staff for Charles Colson for more than a decade, and the director of communications for Promise Keepers’ Stand in the Gap in 1997 and Billy Graham’s Amsterdam 2000. He is a communications graduate of Biola University (B.A.), and California State University, Fullerton (M.A.).

He lives and works with his bright and beautiful wife, Debbie, in suburban Atlanta, where they attend Crossroads church (Wesleyan). He has been blogging at The Rooftop Blog since October 2004.

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rustyRusty Lopez

Rusty Lopez graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, with a degree in Construction Management. He has worked in the engineering and construction industry for most of the last 25 years or so, with a major emphasis in petrochemical related projects. As a Planner / Scheduler he has worked in such exotic locales as Saudi Arabia, Alaska, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

Rusty enjoys apologetics, photography, gardening, reading, and cooking. Despite being a “native” of southern California, he has never set foot upon a surfboard.

He currently lives, with his wife and kids, in southern California. He blogs at New Covenant (culture) and Imago Articulus (photography), has a page on Facebook, and posts additional photos on his Flickr page.

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Mark Olson

Mark Olson has been a software developer for a small Industrial Automation firm for the last 18 years (begun in 1990). He is a graduate of the University of Chicago (BA ’80 and PhD ’90 in Physics) and currently lives in Lemont Illinois, is married, and has two rapidly growing wonderful daughters. He pursues, as an enthusiastic amateur, interests in cycling, history, math, science, philosophy, and theology.

Mark grew up in a Lutheran household, fell away in the mid-80s, resumed regular and active attendance at an Episcopal Church in 1994, and returned to Christian belief in 2005, and has joined in 2007 and currently attends an OCA Orthodox parish, where I sing in the choir, train to be a reader, and am active in the adult education program.

Mark has been blogging at/as Pseudo-Polymath since October 2004. He also had contributed to the World blog BlogWatch, which is no longer active.

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Tom_smTom Parsons

Tom Parsons is a team manager for one of the largest third-party claims administrators in the country. He has spent the last 15 years in the insurance industry, mostly handling workers’ compensation claims for large companies. He says he went into the insurance business only because (1) he needed the money, and (2) he couldn’t make a living as a broadcaster, which was his first career choice out of college. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (B.A. in Industrial Relations). More recently, he has achieved the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation as well as the Associate in Claims (AIC) and Associate In Risk Management (ARM) designations from the American Institute for Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters.

Tom and his family attend a Southern Baptist church, where he is lead worshipper. Tom is also an avid baseball fan. Despite his better judgment he roots for the Chicago Cubs.

He and his wife live with their two daughters in Southwest Virginia.

Tom has been blogging at Daddypundit since October 2004. He has also been contributing to Blogcritics since May 2005.

His opinions are his own and do not represent the views of his employer or anyone other individual or corporation.

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Doug Payton is a software developer & consultant, working at the same company for over 25 years (extremely unusual in the software biz). He lives near Atlanta with his wife and four children. They attend the local Christian & Missionary Alliance church (his wife’s parents were missionaries with that denomination) where he’s one of the sound crew. He grew up in the Salvation Army (his parents were ministers with that denomination (yes, it really is a denomination)).

Doug has been blogging at Considerettes since April, 2002, and was mentioned in a UPI article about blogging in January, 2003.

When he’s not blogging, Doug enjoys playing board games with his kids (the Catan series of games is the current favorite), and computer games with them, listening to Michael W. Smith, going to Red Lobster with his wife, watching the Sci-Fi channel, and camping out with the whole family.

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