1. I for one have never been a member of a non-small church.
  2. Of gymnastics in Belorus today.
  3. War and life, and being consistent.
  4. Here and there and Mumbai.
  5. Kiddie soldiers and the ICC.
  6. Are Jews closer to Islam in their beliefs?
  7. Hints for blogging.
  8. I got this book during the holidays … in a few weeks, I’m traveling again … I’m looking forward to reading it.
  9. On that affirmative action thing.
  10. Dostoevsky on the individual.
  11. Focus for your tolerance.
  12. Marx attribution faked. Why?
  13. Gene Robinson’s multi-religion prayer considered (in advance of that actual prayer). Or a view of how real-life philosophers pare down the “stupid or evil” choice.
  14. So who’d blink first?
  15. It’s not just cold in Chicago it seems.
  16. I was there this summer, but a hockey game … hmm.
  17. Ms Paglia on Ms Couric.
  18. I don’t really thing the idea of a postulant is all that new.
  19. Memory eternal, a death noted.

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