In some accounts of the Roman Empire, if memory serves (my dates might be off), between the 9th and 10th centuries historical accounts for the Empire don’t match. The Empire consistently shows a lot excess spending. Military ventures, building projects/public works, and other expenditures don’t match with the income. One proposal is that there was a “secret” gold mine, perhaps in Bulgaria or Romania that, until it went dry, served as the source of this public funds.

Today the only “secret gold mine” left to us in our age and to our states is to be found not in the financial sector. But instead in the abilities of our technological and scientific research to create avenues to wealth.

It’s really too bad that the educational system is so focused on multiculturalism and such matters and not on funneling the kids talented in science and maths into an environment in which they will flourish. Our gold mine is drying up. Will we share Constantinople’s fate? To be sacked by barbarians and ultimately the infidel?

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