1. Quantum computer as reality … a problem.
  2. I don’t think his hermeneuticalness is a word … but perhaps it should be.
  3. Prison and Islam.
  4. Parody or not?
  5. The Hybrid-Starfish and church. Huh?
  6. A homily.
  7. A power “behind the throne?”
  8. Metropolitan Jonah addresses the crowd.
  9. Homophobe … the weasel word for the day.
  10. St. Maximus and hospitality via ontology.
  11. That Brazilian hasn’t been to Chicago yet.
  12. Obama and the tyrant.
  13. Netflix’s next move?
  14. Computer nerds through the ages.
  15. CAIR.
  16. A film reviewed: Taken.
  17. The revolving door and the Democratic party.
  18. Of course not.
  19. Libs against Dashle, one and two. And a view from the right.
  20. Hair, puns and nationality.
  21. Why is Obama singling out Rush? One view.

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