1. In brief, stimulus. And the multipliers might not be what is expected.
  2. Unimpressed with a meeting.
  3. The economy and some criticism of the popularized viewpoint.
  4. A speech, and some changes in a man.
  5. Continuing discussion on theodicy.
  6. St. Theodora.
  7. Tartars in Russia.
  8. Of Eucharist and frequency.
  9. Contra the prosperity Gospel (cue background music Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty).
  10. A prayer request.
  11. Depression and the Christian life.
  12. A thought for the day.
  13. Professional speechwriter blog on Mr Obama’s teleprompter addiction.
  14. Demonizing the rich.
  15. Heh. (HT: Mad Minerva)
  16. Wrestling, sex and a bad idea noted.
  17. Values and development.
  18. An interesting new development.
  19. Mr Freeman.

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