1. Torture and the choice put plainly.
  2. Puritanism examined.
  3. A new Christian blog aggregator … and hobbity news.
  4. More on why consequentialist arguments about torture don’t work (or are dishonest).
  5. Plugging a magazine.
  6. I liked the book a lot too.
  7. Fact checking Mr Obama.
  8. Two race reports … by the racers from Gila. Women’s and men’s plus some pro-racer pre-race hijinks from Garmin at the Tour of California.
  9. Two men, Locke and Berkeley and a crucial question.
  10. A message in a bottle from a hell on earth.
  11. But … will it work better.
  12. Mr Obama’s budget innumeracy in perspective.
  13. The Democrats expressed faux outrage at the price of Ms Pelosi’s clothes in the campaign. We await a repeat of that outrage at this price tag.

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