It occurs to me that Iran may have committed a horrible strategic error. I’ve not seen this suggested anywhere, but bear with me a moment.

  • During the Iraq kerfuffle Iran has established munitions pipelines and connections between Shia in Iraq and Iran.
  • There are signs that civil uprising and large scale violence in Iran is on the horizon.
  • The West (and Israel) would welcome regime change in Iran, yet the West cannot be directly involved for there is little public trust or like in Iran for the West (especially the US).
  • However the US now has ties in places has close relations with Iraqi Shia … and through them likely the Iranian Shia as well.
  • Those ties could be used to funnel support to the nascent Iranian insurgency in Iran through the Iraq pipelines.

Thus the Iranian involvement in Iraq by the current regime may be weak point that can be now used to attack that same said regime.

What a tangled web.

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