1. Le tour, stage 6.
  2. Manners are important, perhaps however that overstates the case.
  3. Of private virtue and libertarian ideas of government.
  4. Someone with a little more than casual information about Ms Palin talks.
  5. Ms Pelsoi gets one right … like a stopped clock?
  6. Being Christian in Iran. Or the UK?
  7. In which I agree (with statement #1).
  8. Of whom I am first, not hyperbole.
  9. Well, the left in its heated overstatements on healthcare now finds breast cancer one of the %.001 extreme medical emergencies.
  10. Praising Obama for getting something right.
  11. More notes on Mr Obama getting the past wrong in Moscow.
  12. Remembering a famous Serbian who came to America and changed the world.

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